New Narratives For The 21st Century

25. JULI 2020
13:300 - 16:30

Two new narratives are currently emerging for the 21st century:

The "Silicon Valley Narrative" in which super-rich transform themselves into super creatures and superheroes, long-lived or immortal, set off for Mars or under the sea to bring themselves to safety. In this narrative, absolute freedom applies to “zero” social responsibility, because we are not included in this narrative and certainly not the children of Nigeria. This narrative is the farewell to a common human project and a farewell to the project of "humanism".

The second narrative is the " Expertokratie -narrative". Superstates that use artificial intelligence to develop total control and thus design the perfect state in which everyone is a perfect citizen and serves the common good. Absolute social responsibility with “zero” individual freedom.

At “Artists for Future” we try to design new narratives for the 21st century that bring together and develop social responsibility and personal freedom based on European traditions, that cannot be squeezed into the antagonism of “freedom or socialism” but free socialism and Social freedom in a biosphere consciousness unite that far beyond the previous categories of political thought.