Centre for Art and Media (ZK

The Centre for Art and Media (ZKM) is a unique cultural institute and gives the BEYOND festival the opportunity to offer a further attraction, which breaks with the original tasks of a museum.

The ZKM welcomes presents all forms of media, room-based art such as painting, photography, sculpturing, as well as time-based art such as film, video, media-art, music, dance, theatre and performance. The museum was founded in 1989 with the mission to integrate classical art into the digital age. Due to this the ZKM is occasionally named “electronic/ digital house” – a term coined by Heinrich Klotz. Furthermore, the ZKM also accommodates institutes and laboratories in which scientific exploration, development and production occurs. Apart from the classical guiding principles that artworks do not disappear, the ZKM is also dedicated to creating conditions in which artworks result from – together with guest artists and employees of the ZKM. Hence centre and not museum.

Through the collaboration we would like to support and interdisciplinary project as well as international cooperation by offering room for exploration and development. Embedded in our festival, we would like to tread and highlight new ways to introduce the historical background of the utilised media to our visitors. The interplay between art, history and new technologies becomes visible and aims at inspiring and exciting visitors.

We look forward to giving you the possibility to gain an insight into the innovation-potential of the ZKM.